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Phone Enquiries
08 95376587

The bar takes the main stage for Volunteers. We have 1 paid bar person and that is our bar manager. The rest of the smiley faces you see behind the bar are all our wonderful volunteers! 

Being a bar volunteer takes some skill. You do need to know how to pour the perfect beer and you do need to have a smile! We don't like grumpy grumps behind the bar. 

You also need to have a certificate of RSA - Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate. This is a Department of Liquor and Gaming requirement. If you would like to be a bar volunteer and would like to obtain an RSA you can do so through this link

The beauty of a bar volunteer is you can choose if you would like to work 1 shift a week, 1 shift a fortnight, 1 shift a month or 1 shift a quarter. We appreciate everyone's help! 

Email to find out more information or to register your interest to be passed onto our Bar Manager! 

Do you want to volunteer?

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